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User Content Blocking

Last updated 31.09.2023

In the MoreThanDigital community, we aim to maintain an environment conducive to knowledge sharing, respectful interaction, and positive collaboration. This guide outlines the procedures for content moderation and the blocking of user content that violates our community guidelines and policies.

1. Recognizing Inappropriate Content

  • Content that is offensive, harmful, discriminatory, or in violation of our community guidelines.
  • Content that promotes illegal activities or violates intellectual property rights.
  • Spammy, irrelevant, or promotional content that disrupts the community’s constructive discussion.

2. Reporting Mechanism

  • Use the ‘Report’ button available next to posts or comments to flag inappropriate content.
  • Provide a concise explanation detailing the reason for reporting the content.
  • Our moderation team will receive the report and promptly assess the situation.

3. Review Process

  • Our moderation team reviews reported content against our community guidelines.
  • The assessment considers the nature, severity, and context of the reported content.
  • We prioritize maintaining a safe, respectful, and constructive community environment.

4. Actions Taken on Violating Content

  • Temporary Hide: Initial action may include temporarily hiding the content pending review.
  • Content Removal: Content found violating guidelines will be permanently removed.
  • User Warning: Users posting inappropriate content will receive a warning.

5. Potential Consequences for Users

  • Temporary Suspension: Users may face a temporary ban for repeated minor violations or a severe breach.
  • Permanent Ban: Repeated disregard for community guidelines may result in permanent exclusion from the community platforms.
  • Legal Action: In cases of illegal activities or severe harm, legal actions may be pursued.

6. User Appeal Process

  • Users can appeal content-blocking decisions by contacting our moderation team, providing context and reasons for the appeal.
  • The moderation team will reassess the content in question considering the appeal and make a final, irrevocable decision.
  • We strive to ensure fairness and transparency in all our content moderation processes.

7. Preventive Measures

  • User Education: Regularly educate users about community guidelines and acceptable content.
  • Proactive Moderation: Employ tools and practices to identify and manage inappropriate content proactively.
  • Community Engagement: Encourage community members to actively participate in maintaining a positive and respectful environment.

8. User Responsibilities

  • Understand and adhere to MoreThanDigital’s community guidelines and content policies.
  • Report content that seems inappropriate or in violation of the guidelines.
  • Maintain a constructive and respectful demeanor in all interactions within the community.

Final Note

By ensuring each member adheres to our guidelines and respects one another, we can maintain a community where knowledge, positivity, and innovation thrive. Let’s collaborate to keep MoreThanDigital’s platforms a safe, enriching, and inspiring space for everyone.

Your cooperation, understanding, and active participation in maintaining the sanctity of our community are highly appreciated. #bethechange