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MoreThanDigital Fair Pricing Policy Addendum

Last updated 09.10.2023

This addendum to the terms of service (“Fair Pricing Terms”) applies specifically to the pricing strategies for all services and platforms offered by MoreThanDigital International GmbH and its affiliates (“MoreThanDigital”, “we”, “us”). By accessing or using any of our services or platforms, you agree to be bound by these Fair Pricing Terms.

These Publication Terms supplement and are incorporated into MoreThanDigital’s main Standard Terms of Service (“Main Terms”).

1. Fair Pricing Objective

Our aim is to provide equitable access to MoreThanDigital’s premium resources across businesses of various sizes and economic contexts. This ensures that the services are affordable, allowing businesses to benefit proportionally based on their stature and financial standing.

2. Tiered Pricing Based on Size

The pricing of our services is directly proportional to the size of a customer’s company. By registering for any MoreThanDigital service or platform, you commit to providing accurate information regarding your company’s size, which is used to determine the appropriate pricing tier.

3. Economic Context Pricing

In collaboration with PPPfair.com’s standards, our pricing strategies also factor in the economic realities and purchasing power of different countries, thereby ensuring a globally consistent and fair pricing experience.

4. Integrity of Information

Customers must provide accurate and honest details about their company size and economic context to ensure alignment with the Fair Pricing Policy. This integrity ensures every business gets a fair pricing rate according to our standards.

5. Right to Audit

To validate the information provided by customers, MoreThanDigital reserves the right to execute audits or other verification processes. If any inconsistencies or discrepancies arise, we hold the right to adjust the charges accordingly to reflect the correct pricing tier.

6. Rectifications due to Misinformation

Should any customer be identified as having delivered misleading or incorrect details concerning their company size or economic context, MoreThanDigital will adjust the service fees to the accurate tier. Affected customers will be intimated of such adjustments and are legally obligated to settle the revised amount.

7. Pricing Adherence to PPPfair.com

We strictly align our pricing with the global fair pricing standards set by PPPfair.com. This ensures companies around the world receive services at rates that mirror their economic environment.

8. Continuous Pricing Review

MoreThanDigital reserves the right to review and adjust its pricing structures periodically. This may involve updating the criteria used for different pricing tiers or adapting to new PPPfair.com standards.

9. Misrepresentation Consequences

Providing intentionally false, misleading, or incorrect details regarding company size or economic context may lead to suspension or termination of access to MoreThanDigital platforms or services.

10. Indemnification for Misrepresentation

Customers agree to indemnify and hold harmless MoreThanDigital against any claims, damages, liabilities, and costs arising from providing misleading or inaccurate details intentionally or unintentionally.

11. Priority of Terms

In the event of any conflict between these Fair Pricing Terms and the Main Terms, these Fair Pricing Terms will govern and take precedence, exclusively concerning the fair pricing policy across all MoreThanDigital platforms and services.